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Mia Brewer Ep.12

Updated: Mar 14, 2019

Mia is a fashion designer working at DownEast Basic in charge of patterns for apparel. Mia dives in with Amy and talks about her love for fashion and how she landed such an incredible job at such a young age. Mia also dives in and talks about growing and learning from some tragic experiences in her childhood and how important her family is to her.

Mia and her dad

Mia and two of her little brothers - The Brew Crew

The Brewer Family

Mia & her mom

Mia in her soccer gear

Mia in Texas

Mia showcasing one of her fashion collections which is designed and made

Mia and her family at her family before her graduation

The Brew Crew as teenagers

Mia with her family in Arizona

Mia with her grandmother, siblings and cousins

Mia, Lettie, Lydia & Cece


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