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Bonnie Smith Ep.1

Updated: Jan 9, 2019

Bonnie Smith is a lover of all things theatre, fashion and life. She is a working mother of two, devoted wife and a truly delightful woman. Bonnie dives in with Amy discussing her upbringing, passions and desire to write her dynamic family story. 



Bonnie and her mother Mary

Bonnie's niece Kate as Belle

Bonnie and Bridget the day she skipped work to go get donuts!

Bonnie and Mary

Tea party for the Royal Wedding

Bonnie's wedding day! Mollie (sister), Greg (husband), Bonnie, and Kellie(sister)

Bonnie in the studio

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1 Comment

Maris Garner
Maris Garner
Jan 10, 2019

Loved the laid back, genuine conversation that's hard to find these days. Can't wait to see how this grows. You are awesome!

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